A Letter to The Soul Tamers of Perfect New World

Dear Soul Tamer,

The first Exploratory Closed Beta Test of Perfect New World has concluded. Thank you for submitting your precious feedback. We will review your comments carefully and take them seriously as we develop our games. Next, we would like to share with you some of the optimization plans we have for Perfect New World in the future.

1. Adding more gameplay for the World Map

We will further expand the World Map gameplay content and add more exploration details and interactive elements to not just enrich map gameplay and environment elements but create a more realistic, dynamic in-game world.

2. Adding map tiles of different styles

We will add map tiles of various styles and themes in the future, each showcasing unique scenes, buildings, and cultural features, allowing you to immerse in a diverse, colorful world.

3. Adding more Class types

We will work hard to improve the controls of this game, allowing you to control your character's movements and skills more easily. Meanwhile, we'll add more new Classes as additional options for you to choose from.

4. Adding Fair PvP mode

Considering the need of our players, we will add Fair PvP mode so players can duke it out and see who is better. Meanwhile, we plan to introduce a multiplayer battleground that offers new modes, with each mode having unique in-game objectives and challenges.

5. Improving combat satisfaction and smoothness

We'll optimize the combat system to create a combat experience that is smoother and more satisfying.

6. Telling an exciting story through Story Missions

In the future, we'll tell a more exciting story through our Story Missions and add more side quests for you to explore extra storylines, diverse character interactions, and additional lore about this world. We hope this will deepen the emotional impact and significance of the game, enhancing player immersion.

7. Adding diverse features to gear system

In the future, we'll provide a more diverse gear system, with each weapon having its own features. Also, by combining the right stats and features, you can create your own builds of Weapons, Spirit Beasts, and Talents, showcasing your unique combat style.

8. Optimizing the frame rates

We'll continue to optimize the game performance to improve frame rates and smoothness, ensuring the game can run smoothly, no matter the hardware configuration.

9. Adding more social content

In the future, we plan to add more social, interactive features and events so players can more easily make friends and work together. In doing so, we hope to encourage communication among players and the formation of a vibrant community.

10. Adding more characteristics to storyline NPCs

We'll add more characteristics and exciting origin stories to the storyline NPCs. By telling more details and adding more interactive options, the NPCs will become more lively and interesting. This will also encourage our players to progress the storyline.

11. Creating an option for you to skip storylines

To meet the need of different players, we'll include an option that allows you to skip storylines. You can choose not to watch through the storylines if you prefer not to, which gives back control to our players.

12. Improving character customization

We plan to add more abundant experience in character customization in the future.

Before the next test begins, we will work hard to enrich and improve our gameplay content based on your feedback. We hope to provide a better gaming experience, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for following and supporting us. It is you who give us the momentum to keep on improving and create a better Perfect New World. We hope to see you in our next test.

- Perfect New World Game Team