Equilibrious Test Is Counting Down!

Get ready for the adventure in a fantasy world! Perfect New World, a boundless world MMO Action RPG developed by Ironcore Studio, a subsidiary of Perfect World Games, is excited to announce that the Equilibrious Test is just around the corner. The Equilibrious Test is scheduled to start on November 14th at 10:00 a.m. EST on a Tuesday, providing players with the opportunity to play the game and offer valuable feedback to the developers regarding any potential issues or bugs.

Please note that eligibility to participate in the test is only available through the official website.




Exciting New Features Await You!

Based on valuable feedback from our players during the first closed beta test, Perfect New World has implemented a series of new features to enhance the in-game experience for our players.

New Class - Dragonspear

Prepare to welcome a mysterious knight into the game – Dragonspear. With a heart as fearless as a dragon's and a renowned silver spear, Dragonspear is a force to be reckoned with. His remarkable spearmanship and dazzling moves are bound to catch enemies off guard and leave them in awe.

New Locales - Mountain Plains, Desertia Suburbs and Mechanopolis

Players can now venture into exciting new locales for extended gameplay!

Mountain Plains: Explore these unpredictable plains and unravel the secrets behind various missions to claim your rewards. Warning: Beware of the Wraiths and other dangerous creatures; they may be lurking, ready to attack you!

Desertia Suburbs: If you're seeking a more thrilling adventure than the missions offered by the villagers, explore the Desertia Suburbs! Whether you're delving into the Hidden Land or embarking on a treasure hunt in the Lion Cemetery, your adrenaline is guaranteed to surge. Discover more in the Equilibrious Test!

Mechanopolis: This locale where players can challenge their tactical thinking and fast reaction abilities. It is not easy, but the rewards are well worth the challenge!

New Dungeons - Skycrest Mine, Battle Royale

The developers have invested a significant amount of effort into the design of dungeons. Now, players can enjoy the latest dungeons, whether they prefer solo play or teaming up with others. The new dungeons provide a multiplayer team mode, allowing players to collaborate with friends to complete tasks, emphasizing the importance of social interaction and teamwork. However, for those who prefer a single-player experience, Floating Mine is also available to meet their needs.

Skycrest Mine features a range of engaging missions, including decryption challenges, escaping from poisonous fog, and making strategic use of explosion effects, all of which create a thrilling and tense gaming experience. Players will delve deep into the Skycrest Mine, interact with other NPCs, rescue miners, tackle the issue of wraiths, and uncover the secrets hidden within the mine.

Battle Royale: the battleground is Rocky Island, where players must engage in fierce combat to acquire the Spirit Core. To emerge victorious, players need to collect six Spirit Cores and make their escape through the Portal. A valuable hint for obtaining the Spirit Core is to defeat other players or the formidable Wraith General.

The test qualifications (Boarding Pass) are currently open for distribution. To secure your spot, please stay tuned and participate in official events. Join us in exploring the diverse world of Perfect New World. We appreciate your interest and look forward to your presence in the game!

For more information, including scheduled updates and development progress, please visit Perfect New World:

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